The Magic Sparrow

Once upon a time, there lived an old man and his wife. The old mas was very kind but his wife was very fierce.

The old man kept sparrow in a cage in the kitchen. After returning from work, he spent his spare time playing with the sparrow. The sparrow used to entertain him. She used to fly all around and performed little tricks. The old man felt very relaxed after listening to her sweet and enchanting voice.

One day, the sparrow ate some rice which had been left in the kitchen. The old man’s wife was very angry. She immediately cut out the sparrow’s tongue, the sparrow flew away through an open window.

When her husband returned home, he found that the sparrow had gone. He asked his wife what had happened. “ your sparrow stole some food. So i cut out the sparrow’s tongue to teach it a good lesson. “ the old man was very sad. He decided to try to find out where the sparrow had gone. He traveled all over the country, calling out in a loud voice “ mr. Sparrow ! mr. Sparrow ! where are you ? “

Finally, he found out where the sparrow was living, and he went to see him. The sparrow asked him to come in to meet his wife and children. “ please sit down and make yourself comfortable, “ the sparrow said. “ i hope you can stay for dinner. “ “ what a polite sparrow ! “ the old man thought. After dinner, the old man asked to be excused as he was living a long distance away.

Before he left, the sparrow brought out two boxes. He told him to choose one of them as a present. The old man choose the smaller of the two. When he arrived home, his wife scolded him, “ where have you been ? i’ve been looking for you everywhere. “ “oh!” replied her husband, “ i discovered where the sparrow is living. He gave me this present. “ his wife opened the box. It was full of gold and silver. She smalled and said to her husband, “ i think i’ll also go to see the sparrow. “

When she arrived at the sparrow’s house, she called out, “ mr. Sparrow ! how are you ? i’ve been worrying about you for a long time. I’m so pleased to see you again.” The sparrow invited her for dinner. Mrs. Sparrow was very kind to the old lady. She cooked an excellent meal. When the old woman was ready to leave, she said “ mr. Sparrow, perhaps you would like to give me a present to take away ? i can then always remember you. “ the sparrow brought out two boxes. The greedy old woman choose the larger one.

When she reached home, she called out to her husband. “ come out ! hurry up ! see.. what the sparrow has given me ! “ as she opened the box, instead of ornaments and jewels, some little monsters jumped out of the box. The monsters teased her. They pinched her and pulled her hair and hurt her. They even strached her face with their nails. She left the box and ran away and told everything to her husband.

“ i told you that you would be sorry for your cruel deeds “ said the old man. The cruel old woman realized her mistakes and felt sorry for all her bad deeds. In this way, the cruel old woman was transformed into a kind old woman both she and her husband started living peacefully and spent their life comfortably with the help of jewels and ornaments giveted by the sparrow.


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